Badger Unified Cooperative Services

Badger Unified Cooperative Services is responsible for maintaining electric power lines by trimming trees around the lines. We maintain lines for several electric cooperatives in and around the following counties:

Eau Claire
St. Croix

You will be assigned to a crew in your area.

Tree Trimmer Job Area


  • Health, dental, and vision insurance
  • Short- and long-term disability insurance
  • Life insurance (paid by company)
  • 401(k) with a contribution match
  • 10 paid holidays
  • Paid vacation (PTO)
  • Quarterly performance/safety bonuses
  • Monday through Friday, day shift only

Tree Trimmer Jobs

Goundman (2 levels)

This is the entry level position where you learn the tree trimming business.

As a groundman, your work day consists of cutting brush/small trees, running a wood chipper, stacking brush for the Bobcat/mower, maintaining the chainsaws, setting-up work zones, etc. You will learn how to tie knots, climb, and use an aerial bucket truck. We help you obtain a CDL and WI Applicators license and pay most costs.

Trimmer (4 levels)

This postion teaches you the skills to advance to foreman.

As a trimmer, your work day consists of using an aerial bucket truck and climbing to trim trees around power lines. You have knowledge of electrical hazards, electrical apparatus, danger trees, specific tree species, etc. You also have working knowledge of how ropes are used during tree trimming. Advancement through the four levels is based on your knowledge of tree trimming skills.

Foreman (2 levels)

As a foreman, you are responsible for your crew members and the quality of their work. You will plan the duties, complete required reports, teach new groundmen tree trimming skills, and coordinate the required equipment on special projects. You will also be working in the bucket truck, trimming on the ground, etc. Everyone shares all the duties that they are qualified to perform.

Equipment Operators (1 level)

As an equipment opertaor, your work day consists of using and maintaing a Bobcat/mower or a Jarraff. Mowers are responsible for mulching the trimmings. You will be loading/unloading the mower and moving to different locations. You must know right-of-way boundaries, etc. Jarraffs are a mechanical means of tree trimming in cross-country areas. They have an articulating body with four-wheel drive and a 75’ boom with a saw blade on the end. Knowledge of distance from power lines, angles of cuts to make on trees, etc. are required.

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